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From prototype to large volume runs Cambrian Industries provides contract-manufacturing solutions. We conduct a search to help our customers identify and highlight areas where we can increase savings across technologies and supply chain segments. We constantly invest on new equipment and processes as required by specific project needs from our customers. Our technology transfer methodology provides a seamless transition enhancing quality, maintaining flexibility and speed to market.

To bring your product to market, Cambrian offers a full spectrum of assembly capabilities and a vast array of strategic partners. You'll have access to the best practices and most advanced technologies in our industry as well as the opportunity to leverage innovations from other market sectors.

From small-scale production runs to high volume projects, we have the depth of experience to meet your needs. We offer our customers a superior production facility, advanced machining and tooling technology, highly skilled technicians, competitive pricing, and a creative approach to problem solving. We can provide complete solutions ranging process design, raw material sourcing, machining, secondary processing assembly and virtual fulfillment.


Competition has intensified, customer requirements have increased and transferring technology to lower cost environments is not sufficient to succeed. Enabling additional cost improvements across cultural barriers requires a special breed of professionals capable of creating value through technology improvements.

We help our customers select and source parts, which can be successfully outsourced for savings. Selecting the right products for outsourcing requires extensive knowledge in the effects that volume, cost architecture, complexity, materials and final destination play in realizing cost and strategic advantage. Our successful projects directly reflect the creativity, technical expertise and the remarkable attention to purpose of our people.

Coordinated Procurement

In addition to fully integrated turnkey solutions, Cambrian Industries has an extensive wealth of experience in diverse machining technologies and supply chain integration. On key projects, Cambrian Industries can manage value engineering trough a network of strategic partners whose advanced manufacturing practices can provide the best solutions to customer challenges. We can leverage different suppliers’ core competencies to create an overall competitive advantage. With our management we can optimize the replenishment cycle time, eliminate stock outages and manage inventory and optimal production runs while reducing supply chain administrative and intangible costs. Through kitting and stocking programs we can minimize your total cost of production.

With Cambrian Industries, your requirements are managed using an optimized best solution approach, not a one-size-fits-all model. We design solutions that have the elasticity and responsiveness to take into account the parts, cost structure and supply chain efficiency. Whether your requirements are mid-low volume or higher-complexity products, our unique approach provides you with a dedicated team to drive your program's success while saving you time and money. We operate within a continuous improvement culture that places our customer’s bottom line at the center of our solutions.

Market Sectors

Cambrian Industries Inc. is a trusted supplier of machined and related components successfully serving customers in the following sectors:






Turbor Machinery


Titanium Blade


Steel Motor Housing


Stainless Steel Fitting


Aluminum Turbo Machinery


Valve Housing


Titanium Blades


Silver Plated Male Connectors


Silver Plated Female Connectors


Steel Housing


Aluminum Manifold - Alodine


Stellite Bearing


Gas Ignitor


Cadmium Plated Manifold


Actuator Pin


Underwater Illumination


Pin Connector Housing

  • Materials
  • Nadcap Processing and Testing
  • Part Archetypes


  • Stainless Steels
  • Carbon Steels
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Leaded Nickel Bronze
  • Multi-Phase Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Stellite
  • Plastics
  • Ni-Resist
  • Other


  • Anodize
  • Cadmium Plating
  • Gold Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Passivation
  • Silver Plating
  • Magnetic Inspection
  • Die Penetrant
  • Other

Part Archetypes

We primarily target components from one cubic inch to one cubic foot that require more than 60% material removal rates.

Depending on the geometries and volumes, we can make smaller or larger components or draw on an extensive list vendors and strategic partners with the required core competencies. Based on the merits of each project, Cambrian Industries has and can invest in additional technologies to offer the most competitive and lowest total cost of production alternatives.

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Cambrian Industries Inc. is a trusted supplier of machined and related components. We help our customers to vastly improve their business. To remain even one step ahead today, our customers need immediate access to the best strategic partners with the “know how” and “know why” for successful outsourcing of machined parts. Cambrian Industries Inc. leverages manufacturing experience and a vast array of technologies and partners. Our value proposition encompasses cost reduction through the benefits of manufacturing in low cost environments. Cambrian Industries enhances savings through value engineering ranging process improvements, material sourcing, supply chain integration and technology optimization.

Cambrian Industries has a successful track record machining difficult parts requiring expertise in all types of difficult materials, geometries and manufacturing technologies. We work with our customers from start to finish or at any point along the way. We are a partner with the correct processes and experience to compliment or expand your capacity and capabilities. Benefiting our customers with faster, more successful launches, increased savings and better utilization of core competencies

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